Monday, June 2, 2008

Check out what Sells~!

Just to give an idea as to what sells and how much it sells for, we have created this blog to make it just a little easier!

Here is a sample of what we have sold in the past, the pictures we have taken for it, and how much it sold for on eBay~!

My Friend Decided he liked another set better:

So, This set of Ping i3 Blades sold for $280

This Client Decided that this was just too much computer for him:

At Christmas This Apple Macbook Pro went for $1,725

As Much as he Loved it, He just had to Have an iPhone:

This AT&T Blackberry Pearl went for $169.99

A Family Friend Bought these for a Business Associate, with whom he stopped doing business:

So, these Turnbull & Asser Cufflinks sold for $99.99

A Present that this client has 'simply never worn' :

This Hermes Pochette Scarf with Tags and Box sold to someone in Italy for $140

This Client Loved His Motorcycles:

These Harley Softail Deuce Leather Saddle Bags went for $371

Here are a few things that have been sold, which just aren't pictured:

One client purchased a high end Video Camera to make a Documentary, The Sony DCR VX-2000 sold for $1,475

That same client raised two little ones, and when both were walking, His Bugaboo Designer Stroller sold to someone in Canada for $375

One Client Outgrew her Jewelry, and her:
Movado Esperanza watch went for $147
Tiffany HeartLink Bracelet went for $189
And Tiffany Open Heart Necklace went for $110

As you can see, there are tons of stuff people have to sell, for a variety of different reasons. We just help make that process much easier.

If you'd like a copy of the document outlining the process, you can download it here.